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Yippee! It's been a record year for Britain's car industry

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Britain is fantastic. Seriously. Whatever you think of, y’know, things like brexit that have happened over the few months, it’s a country that resolutely remains really good at making cars.

This small but illustrious nation churned out 1.72 million vehicles in 2016, the biggest number this century. It’s a huge 8.5 per cent increase on 2015, which equals nearly 1.5 million more vehicles departing our amazing UK factories.

Leading the charge are Jaguar Land Rover and Nissan. JLR is now the largest producer of vehicles in the country, with 544,401 cars leaving its 4 British manufacturing plants each year. Remarkable, whatever you make of the 2 companies contending to claim top spot… Success can be put down to huge sales of the F-Pace, Evoque and Range Rover Sport.