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Motoring mistake that could cost €135 fine in France

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July 25, 2017 at 2:13 PM

Fine_CCW.jpgIt is no secret that London is becoming an increasingly regulated city for drivers, thanks to ever more stringent rules designed to reduce pollution and improve air quality. However, it seems that the UK’s capital has nothing on its closest European neighbour.


Paris is one of three cities in France that has introduced the Crit'Air scheme, under which all private vehicles are obliged to display a windscreen sticker showing its nitrous oxide emission levels.

The rules apply equally to foreign and domestic vehicles, and the likelihood is that many of the 3.2 million British motorists who take their cars across the channel every year will fall foul of the regulation. Failure to display a sticker will mean a fine of up to €135 (£118). 

Driving in France 

Anyone familiar with driving in France will know the Peripherique – Paris’s equivalent of the M25 – which many tourists use en route to locations further south, and the good news is that this is outside the Crit’Air zone.

But any motorist venturing into the city itself will need to apply online well in advance to obtain their sticker, which costs €4.80 including postage.

Clamping down on diesels

The classification system under Crit’Air places a vehicle into one of six pollution categories, from the cleanest electric and hydrogen powered vehicles at one extreme to older, pre-2001 diesels at the other. 

If your vehicle falls into the latter category, it is best you stay out of Paris entirely, or at least leaving your car at a safe distance, as pre-2001 diesels are banned from the city’s streets between 8AM and 8PM.

The plan is for the authorities to also restrict the entry of other higher category cars on days when NOx levels are higher than usual.

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