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Bank Holiday traffic

Compact Cars, Bridgend

August 24, 2017 at 4:12 PM

With Bank Holiday traffic predicted to soar beyond 18 million journeys this coming weekend, the roads will be more packed than ever. Monday is expected to be the busiest day as Brits make the most of the last long weekend before Christmas. 

However, there are a few canny tips for keeping your holiday weekend trip trouble-free.

Have a contingency plan...

Even the best made plans may go awry, especially when they revolve around something as unpredictable as holiday traffic. Make good use of your journey planning tools by having solid backup plans in case of congestion.

...and make that contingency plan attractive!

As well as the most obvious route, make sure you have a plan B that follows quieter roads. It may take you longer in petrol miles, but beats getting bogged down in motorway standstills. Perhaps make the most of your backup plans by following routes that take you to alternative attractions and points of interest on the way home.

Avoid peak times

Bank Holiday Monday traffic is generally busiest in the middle of the day, according to data collected by the RAC. Travelling first thing in the morning, or leaving later in the evening, may be good tactics for avoiding the crush.

Park out of town

City centres can become hot spots for bank holiday congestion. Where possible, use park and ride services, or parking facilities on the outskirts of cities.

Plan for every eventuality

Breakdowns are trying at the best of times, and Bank Holiday traffic will only increase frustrations. Check oil levels, tyre pressure, avoid overloading the vehicle, and make sure you have plans in place for breakdown cover. Wherever the destination, forward-planning is key. Stay calm, drive safely, and enjoy a stress-free Bank Holiday weekend!            


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