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20 Things You Should Always Have In Your Car

Compact Cars, Bridgend

Having grown up in the country I know first hand how awful it is to be in the middle of nowhere and the car breaks down with no help in sight. The end result was time wasted, money wasted and one very cold night in a layby.

With that being said, here are twenty things you should always keep in your car for emergency’s sake. 

1. Owner’s manual - Keep it in your glove compartment.

2. Old mobile phone - powered off, with a fully charged battery.

3. Blankets

4. Battery-powered radio (and extra batteries).

5. Bottled water

6. High energy snacks 

7. Maps - Don’t rely on a Sat Nav completely.

6. Jump Cables

7. First aid kit (and manual) 

8. A Can Of Fix-a-flat 

9. Tyre repair kit 

10. Tyre Pressure Gauge

11. Road flares - Invaluable at night so that others can see you if you need to change a tyre

12. Torche (and extra batteries) 

13. WD-40 

14. Fire extinguisher (5 lb.) 

15. A change of clothes - changing a tyre in the snow or in the rain is a messy dirty job

16. Towels- for drying off or put them under the tyre for traction

17. Duct tape 

18. A carpet remnant - boot liner or for traction to get out of mud

19. Emergency money .

20. Hat, scarf, and gloves (in winter)

If you have all of these in your car (and they don’t take up as much space as you might think), you’re more prepared than most to manage many roadside situations. With just this small bit of preparation, you can save yourself a massive amount of time, prevent yourself from freezing, and save a ton of money.