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What You Need To Have Before Buying Your First Car

Compact Cars, Bridgend

November 30, 2017 at 9:00 AM

Congratulations: you're thinking about buying your first car! This is an exciting and significant purchase that will hopefully stay with you for many years to come. But first things first, read this helpful list of five essential tips and tricks every first-car buyer should have before making this important decision.

(1)Do your research

To avoid buyer's remorse, spend some time researching the car market. Keep an open mind and look into different brands, makes and models, fuel efficiency, mileage, condition and prices. Take notes on the qualities and details that are important to you, and crosscheck using multiple sources to get a balanced idea.

(2)Confirm your budget

All of that valuable research has probably given you a good idea of your price range, which will help narrow down the search process. For example, if you have a modest budget, a second-hand car is a good place to start. When you have confirmed how much you'd like to pay, arrange cash or finance in advance and set this aside for when you've found your perfect car. Read on for two more necessities to account for when considering your total budget.

(3)Find a good mechanic

Setting aside some cash to pay a trusted mechanic is likely to save you money in the long term. To find a reliable mechanic, ask around for recommendations from people you trust, and also do some research online – many will have review ratings. This step is crucial to ensure your first car doesn't have any underlying issues that will cost you more money down the track, so think of it as an investment.

(4)Invest in an insurance policy

Aside from budgeting for the car and the mechanic, another important investment to ensure your peace of mind as a car owner is purchasing an insurance policy. Again, do some independent research and submit several quotes to compare policies, and remember this is one of those times it does pay to read the fine print. 

You've done your research, set your budget, had your trustworthy mechanic give the car a tick of approval, and you know how much your insurance policy will be. One final tip to take away: the Pay As You Drive scheme at Compact Cars will accept all applications, whether you have a high or low deposit and good or bad credit.


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