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The Top 7 Worst Driving Habits (well, the ones’ we’ll admit to)

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October 25, 2016 at 4:16 PM

The Top 7 Worst Driving Habits (well, the ones’ we’ll admit to)

A collection of bad driving habits that and hilarious snippets collected from driving forums around the web (completely anonymous of course):-)

Steering With Your Knee

“For a few years I had a really bad habit of steering with my knee. I'm guessing it started out of boredom with 2 hours of motorway each day. I'd still have my hands on the wheel but just use my knee to guide it. It got to the point where I wouldn't even notice I was doing it”


When The Traffic Light Changes To Green, Launching Off The Line Like It's F1 Opening Day

“Wait, that's a bad driving habit? I'm always just trying to not hold up traffic. Yeah, that's the ticket! Exactly! I want to help as many people make it through that light as possible. Of course this doesn't work so well when you’re not first in line…….. Nah, you just gotta have faith in the people in front!


Cutting Off People In Traffic.

“I never do anything super mean or dangerous, but sometimes I accidentally cut it pretty close and feel bad” 



Overtaking Just Because

“Please don't be the guy that wants to go 80 while the guy you're passing is doing 75 to begin with – it’s doesn’t look good”



“Yup I hate tailgaters, I'll go so far as to intentionally maintain speed with the slow lane just to piss them off. Bad habit I know but feels good..” 

“I lightly brake check tailgaters and spray washer fluid at them, you just use your windshield washer. The spray gets pushed up and over your windshield, and it gets all over the windshield of the car behind, but only if they're following super closely”


Judging Your Friends Driving Abilities

“I judge all of my friends driving abilities. In fact I refuse to get in a car of one of my friends who terrifies me when he drives. I volunteer to drive every time I hear that he volunteered. Luckily he has never gotten in an accident”



“I undertake people a lot. I'll even "orbit" people too if I'm bored. This is when someone's sitting in the middle of a 3 lane road so I'll pass them, slow down, let them pass me, etc until they get the message. Never been caught doing it and I only do it when I have an out(i.e. Hard shoulder to dive into if it goes wrong)”



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