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The Death Of The Sat Nav?...Long Live The Sat Nav

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April 26, 2017 at 10:15 AM

Smartphones are now carried with us everywhere and do a multitude of tasks, no longer just used as a phone. Today we use our smartphones to listen to music, read books, send emails, and even as an alarm clock. Increasingly more drivers are now using their phones as navigation systems, 

The smartphone as a Sat Nav


Smartphones have an in built GPS system, and so when used together with Google Maps or Apple Maps, can be an effective Sat Nav for your car. There are also many free Sat Nav apps out there for users to download and use easily in their car. So what does this mean for the humble Sat Nav? Is there still a place for them? We say yes! 

Why there is still a place for high-end Sat Navs


When you buy a Sat Nav for your car, you are buying a gadget for the task of helping you navigate to where you need to be. It has been specifically built for this purpose. It will have a dashboard mount, speakers and associated charger. It is safe to use, will not have to be removed and is legal to use while driving. Not all of these points are valid when using a smartphone. 

Advantages and disadvantages of using your phone as a Sat Nav

Advantages There are of course a few advantages to using your smartphone.

It is always with you so why not use it?

No cost as many Sat Nav apps are free.

Disadvantages However we feel that the disadvantages outweigh the positives 

You will need to buy the appropriate kit to mount your smartphone correctly, in order to access and view the screen.

You will need to buy a car battery charger and dashboard mount.

You will only have a small screen to view.

A smartphone can be a huge distraction while driving. Twitter notifications and text alerts for example.

Cannot make hands free calls while using it as a Sat Nav.

Limited use, as from March 1, 2017, the law changed with regards to using mobile phones while driving. Anyone caught using one will get a £200 fine and six points on their license. With regards to using a phone as a Sat Nav, you can do so, but you must not touch the screen or reprogrammed it while driving. 

What should you pay for a good sat nav?


This can be anywhere between £200 to £300, so it all depends upon your budget. For example, theTomTom Via 62, costs £200 and is a hands free device that operates via Bluetooth. The Garmin Nuvi costs £300. What you get with the high-end Sat Nav market is reliability and the very latest technology, so that you can always find the quickest and safest route to reach your destination. 

We feel that it is worth buying a high-end Sat Nav as opposed to using your smartphone while driving.


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