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The Coolest Car Features Ever Invented

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October 31, 2017 at 10:46 AM


The Coolest Car Features Ever Invented.
Some very cool features have cropped up in cars recently thanks to all the new technology available. Something to think about when purchasing your next ride. Luxury vehicles are known to have some pretty cool features but as time goes by the inventions are becoming mainstream. Check out these unique, cool and original car features that are pretty mindblowing and definitely worth knowing about. 

(1)Volvo Drowsiness Detection.
One of the coolest car features is the drowsiness detection feature. The system lets the driver know when he or she appears to be sleepy or tired, and resting is necessary. There is a camera in the car that scans the driver's eye and accesses the head movement to determine if they need to rest. Driving can be tiresome specially if done for long hours without rest. One may know and feel tired but having a second source alert them may be helpful especially if one is traveling alone.

(2)Honda Lane-watch.
The Honda lane watch is a very innovative and cool feature which can save lives. A camera is added to the side view mirror making it easy and safe for the driver to switch lanes. There are so many blind spots which could be very dangerous if not well noted. The driver doesn't have to look over their shoulder when driving instead they turn on their indicator, and the camera is automatically activated. All a driver has to do is look at the screen, and the screen shows the lane that is next and also offers the drive some guidelines. Also, it shows how far other vehicles are what is in the blind spot.

(3)Mercedes-Benz AIRSCARF.
Most people hate it when they are forced to put down their drop top when driving their convertible because of the cold. However, there is a new cool car feature that solves this critical problem. The feature is called the Airscarf because it sends warm air from the headrest of the seat to the neck. It means that one can enjoy the ride and only drop the top down when it is essential.

(4)BMW with the Brake Drying.
This feature is something that a lot of people thought would not be possible. It is very similar to the automatic windshields. One needs to see it to believe it. It dries the car's brakes while one is driving. The system is automatic because the rain sensor on the windshield activates it. The system moves the brake pads near the rotors and hence keeping the brakes dry. It also improves the car's stopping power during the rainy conditions.

(5)Inbuilt WIFI.
Having WIFI in the car is something that a lot of people dream of. It is very convenient and entertaining during those long lonely trips. More and more car companies are installing WIFI to their cars. It allows the people in the car to connect their phones and other devices to the internet. They can pump up the music, go to through their social media platforms and the kids can play some games on the road.

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