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The Best Time to Buy a Second Hand Car

Compact Cars, Bridgend

November 18, 2016 at 11:20 AM

A lot is at stake when buying a second hand car so consider the best time to buy a car and you may just grab yourself a bargain:

Seasons Affect the Affordability of Cars


According to seasonal statistics, people use convertible cars during the summer and use off-road or four-wheel-drives during winter. Following the basic rule of demand and supply, summer would be the best time to shop for an off-road car while winter would be a perfect time to shop for a convertible. You should take advantage of the fall in demand to secure a car that people are not in need of at that moment.

Year-End Effects on Car Prices


Dealers tend to work on a quarterly basis, they don't want to get to the next quarter with the same stock they had at the beginning of the period. In such cases, there will be pressure for the dealers to clear the stock, meaning that the prices are likely to fall. This means end of March, June, September and December could be the perfect time to buy a car at a good deal.

Change of Plate


Just like quarterly pressure, expected change of plates also affects the prices. Vehicle buyers normally prefer buying cars that have the most recent plates because they give an impression of style and newness. Sales usually fall when buyers are expecting the new plates to be released. This is an indication that dealers will be looking to sell their remaining stock at more affordable rates.

Emergence of New Car Models


You can take advantage of lower vehicle prices by buying the current model a short period before the new model is released. People will most likely be looking forward to buying the new model, and prices for the previous model are likely to reduce.

Take Advantage of Holiday Sales


There are certain periods such as bank holidays and Black Fridays that offer buyers the opportunity to buy cars at discounted prices. Just like other businesses, car sellers are using the same platform to clear their stock. You might be lucky enough to spot a deal during Black Friday.

Buying a Car During Winter

If you are planning on buying a car during winter, it's important to buy from an honest seller such as Compact Cars. This is because winter comes with problems such as freezing engine components. Make sure the car has the right antifreeze, especially if it has been parked for a long period.

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