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Summer Driving: Have A Safe Trip, Not A Breakdown

Compact Cars, Bridgend

May 18, 2017 at 1:10 PM


Summer is approaching and many drivers will now be planning for their summer road trip. Below we share with you some checks to do before you set off on your summer road trip, plus making you aware of what can go wrong with your car due to the heat of summer. 

Check your tyre tread and pressure


Drivers often forget the importance of tyre pressure and tread in he summer months. Your tyres should be inflated at the correct pressure to ensure safe handling of your vehicle, and the tread should not be worn down. Get your tyres checked and new ones fitted if necessary. 

Tools and spare tyre

Always carry a spare tyre with you and check that it is legal. It is also a good idea to keep a set of tools in the boot for emergencies. Tools such as a tyre jack, wrench and jump leads are useful to have with you. 

Windscreen and windscreen wipers

Be sure to do a visual check of your windscreen for any chips or slight cracks, as these will only worsen over the summer months. Also check that your windscreen wipers are working correctly, and that there are no splits in the rubber blades.


Check your headlights, reverse lights and hazard lights. If you need to replace them, then do so. It is also a good idea to clean the lights, getting rid of any winter grime, ready for those long summer trips. 



It is very important that you check your oil level, as the likelihood is that it will need to be topped up after the winter months. Be sure that it is filled to the maximum level before your road trip. 

Brake fluid

It is also important that you check your break fluid levels. If the level is slightly low, but between normal parameters, then you simply need to top it up. If it is very low, then ideally you should take it into a garage for the brake and break system to be thoroughly checked. 

Screen wash

Always make sure that your screen wash is topped up before your summer journey. 

3 Things that could go wrong due to the heat of summer:

Low coolant levels damage engine


If coolant levels are low, then in the heat of summer your radiator is bound to overheat. 

Damage to car battery

Long summer journeys can create extra vibrations in your car, which in turn can damage a worn battery. 

Decease in car's fluid levels

If the levels of oil, brake fluid and transmission fluid are low, then your car will overheat. Your vehicle needs to be kept hydrated. 


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