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Should You Buy A Hybrid Car? The Pros and Cons

Compact Cars, Bridgend

December 22, 2016 at 10:50 AM


At Compact Cars, we know that when people purchase a vehicle they are more aware of the impact on the environment than ever. It's something that we are all conscious of and need to take into consideration when deliberating our next car. So here is our guide to Hybrids.

What are the benefits of a Hybrid car?

There are manage advantages to purchasing and using a Hybrid car. It is true that the initial cost is higher than your average gas-guzzler, however if there comes a time where you wish to move on from your Hybrid they have a much higher value when you come to sell them on. 

Clearly the predominant advantage is the impact on the environment. Hybrid cars are well known for reduced fuel consumption and energy conservation, and as a result this means that we as a society are becoming far less reliant on fossil fuels which in turn is good for our planet and for the ongoing cost of the fuel itself. 

Energy is saved not only by the cars being constructed out of much lighter materials but also through the vehicle containing a smaller engine. In addition to this Hybrids are designed to have their battery recharged slightly whenever you use the braking system.

How will you lose out by owning a Hybrid?

We have already discussed above that the purchase price of a Hybrid car can be considerably higher than that of a traditional car that runs on gas alone. This means that the long term benefits of an Hybrid need to be considered before committing to the purchase. It is also undeniable that hybrids are designed to function as economical vehicles and will not necessarily give you the same power and performance that a traditional gas-only car would give you, and handling can sometimes be compromised in the process of being more environmentally friendly.

One of the additional challenges that you may face if your Hybrid malfunctions or needs repair is finding a garage that can accommodate your car and has the knowledge to fix it successfully. As these vehicles become more commonplace this issue should reduce, however be aware that it may take longer and more money to find the right person for the job.

We hope that this guide has helped give you more information about the way that Hybrids work and whether you should consider them in your next purchase. Regardless of your choice, Compact Cars has a Pay As You Drive scheme that accepts low deposits and all applications are accepted, good or bad credit.


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