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Sedan, Hatchback, SUV Or MPV - Which Is The Best Family Car Shape?

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January 31, 2018 at 12:04 PM


Which Is The Best Family Car Shape?
As time goes by, the need to upgrade to a family car comes up. You may be compelled to dispose your small car to a bigger one which can accommodate your growing family. Making the decision between which family car is best for you may arise and many people have made the wrong choices due to their ignorance. The below information will help you in making the right decision when choosing a desirable car for your family. 

A sedan car is known for its body design which has the cargo area separated from the passenger cabin. The location for storing goods is behind the rear pillars of the vehicle and provides better protection for the luggage as there is no glass window to show their presence. This car is suitable for a small family as it has a maximum capacity of five people. Sedans have a low ground clearance and may not be ideal for off-road when heavily loaded. They, however, have low fuel consumption and make a good family vehicle for people who want to save the most on fuel and maintenance costs. 

A hatchback has a rear door which swings up when opened to access the cargo area. Unlike in sedan cars, the content in the cargo area is visible from the outside due to the presence of a glass window, although a mat may be made available to cover the luggage. In most cases, hatchbacks have taller roofs and driving position. Although they have shorter cargo lengths than that of sedans, the back seats can be folded to create more cargo area when the need arises. 

These are minivans which come with a third row and are have a hatchback shape. They have a bigger cabin space and provide a more comfortable legroom for the passengers. MPV cars are convenient for larger families owing to their significant capacity of six to eight passengers, depending on the car model. 

Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV) are cars characterised by their off-road capability. They have a boxy shape and high ground clearance to tackle even the roughest terrain. These vehicles use ladder frame chassis which are often found in trucks for more stability at all weather and road conditions. SUV are convenient cars for a family that frequently use rough roads as they provide both comfort and strength as most of them are four-wheel drives. Many people may find an SUV car hard to purchase as most of them are more expensive than a sedan, hatchback, and MPV. 

The type of car that you may wish to purchase is mostly based on the size of your family and budget. There are, however, car financing companies that help you upgrade to your preferred family car with the least hustle. Compact Cars provides a Pay As You Drive package that can make it easier for you to acquire a family car. The company accepts all applications and low deposits, regardless of whether you have a good or bad credit.


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