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Emergency motorbikes to supply fuel to stranded drivers in traffic jams

Compact Cars, Bridgend

September 27, 2017 at 8:41 PM

The ongoing repair project near Oldbury in the west midlands, which is estimated to last for a year, has caused major traffic jams on a stretch of the M5 road. This has instigated major drawbacks since August. The repair project has already caused 17 cars to run out of fuel while stuck in traffic jam. Emergency motorbikes have been launched by Highways England to patrol the M5 road to help motorists running out of fuel.


The project started on 1st August and traffic congestion in the M5 stretch has prompted the Highways England to introduce rapid response bikes to help drivers who have run out of fuel, to speed up traffic and reduce congestion. These fuel bikes will deliver petrol and diesel to drivers if their vehicle happens to run out of gas. It is anticipated that these bikes will stop breakdowns and traffic will have a steady flow.



A contraflow system has been established with traffic currently using the northbound carriageway. Two lanes operating in each direction have been set and a speed limit of 30mph. This way, the bikes will easily find their way through traffic to reach stranded drivers faster and provide them with fuel which will significantly reduce delays and keep the traffic flowing steadily. 

The project manager of Highways England, Alaister Warnes, noted that on beginning the roadworks, they noticed that there were a number of fuel related breakdowns in the section of the roadworks. He also added that on launching the contraflow, the first breakdown was caused by a driver who had run out of fuel. He urged motorists to make sure they have enough fuel for the journey before driving off.            


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