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Does It Make Sense To Own A Second Car?

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January 17, 2017 at 11:34 AM

FreeTwoCarsVector.jpgOnce upon a time there were no-car families. Today this has evolved beyond families- there are now a growing number of individuals who enjoy owning more than one car. Previously the domain of the petrolhead, two car ownership is a sensible option for a wide variety of reasons and people.

Multiple Cars For Multiple Purposes

Work dictates how we travel day to day, but does not define how we want to drive at weekends. Celebrity tour vans set up to carry A listers from venue to venue but with space to transport a sports car underneath illustrate this. The two vehicles serve different, but necessary, purposes- you can't fit a band & all their equipment in a sports car, you can't go out for an evening (think parking here) in a tour bus. 

The same is true for a lot of people. Town driving needs a car that is cost effective, easy to park and stress free. But if you spend your weekends driving round the countryside your car needs to be powerful, have great traction and be solidly built. The two needs don't match- either you compromise and buy something that doesn’t properly suit either need or you own two cars that do the job perfectly.

Main Car for Practicality, Second Car for Fun

Variety is the spice of life and sometimes we just want to let our hair down and drive. Practical cars get us from A to B, they transport the things we need and they don't cost the earth to run. But it's fun to let off steam on the track or to face the challenge of off-roading.

A second car to do this is not just sensible, it's essential. It goes without saying that you need the right car for each course. Practical cars don't fare well having the engine revved out of them or facing a pot-holed field. Trying to use your main car for it all could well end you up with a burnt out engine, injured chassis and worst of all an expensive repair bill. The right second car allows you to have fun behind the wheel whilst keeping your main car in good shape.

Backup Car

For many of us access to a car is necessary, on days when your vehicle needs servicing, trying to juggle lifts and pick ups on top of all the normal stresses can be trying. Keeping two cars saves this stress- simply switch one car out with the other and you're ready to roll with no disruption to your itinerary.

Cheaper Than Hiring a Car

Hiring a car is like staying in a hotel- it sounds cheap enough, but when you've factored in all the extras it winds up being about twice as expensive as you first thought. Whereas two car ownership used to be just for the very rich, today cars can be bought and insured cheaply enough to make it a financially competitive option.


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