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Are Used Cars Cheaper In Wales?

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November 29, 2017 at 2:03 PM


Are Used Cars Cheaper In Wales?
Most people know that buying a used car can be far from straightforward. Not only do you have to choose the make and model, you also need to decide what mileage is acceptable and ensure that whatever you buy is in acceptable working order. Furthermore, there is the issue of where you buy from. Some people prefer a used car dealer and others turn to the "for sale" adverts in newspapers or the auto press. A third group may choose to keep their search very local, preferring to source their new vehicle by word of mouth. Whichever group you fall into, it may be enlightening to learn that the price for the same type of car can vary, sometimes significantly, depending upon from where in the country it is purchased.

What Are The Reasons For Geographical Variations To Used Car Prices?
Dealers and some private sellers have known for years that some used cars attract a premium in certain areas. Many private buyers are only just cottoning on that, just as with houses, a car bought in one part of the country may differ significantly in price from a very similar vehicle bought elsewhere. Partly, as with houses, this reflects disposable income. However, unlike houses, cars are portable and can be moved easily to those areas where they will fetch more money. This is exactly what some dealers already do. Using industry knowledge to ascertain which cars are most desirable in which areas, it is common for those dealers to move particular vehicles to parts of the country where there is greatest demand for them. They can then charge accordingly. 

A disinclination to travel too far to buy a used car is another reason for geographical variations to used car prices. London buyers, for example, tend not to want to travel beyond the confines of the M25 to find their ideal used car. Savvy would-be buyers can use this to their advantage and venture only a little way outside the capital to the home counties in order to secure a potential bargain. 

Some buyers are put off travelling too far from home because of a requirement imposed by certain dealers that warranties only apply in relation to work done at their garage. Taking a car hundreds of miles to have a brake pad replaced is simply not practicable for most people.

Where Is The Cheapest Place To Buy A Used Car In The UK?
The answer to this question varies a little depending upon the type of vehicle. However, according to the used car price guide, CAP, Wales regularly features high up the list of the cheapest places to buy a used car. The basic economic law of supply and demand means that where demand for any product is highest, prices are often comparable. For used cars, potential buyers can expect to pay most in London, with the geographically relatively isolated East Anglia frequently coming second. Whatever the reasons for this, it may pay for anyone in the market for a new car to include Wales in their search area.


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