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A Woman’s Guide To Changing a Tyre

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September 30, 2016 at 12:02 PM

Ok so you’re doing the school run, the kids are asking why they have to go to school ‘every day’ (again) and you’re mumbling something about the ‘law’ and mummy needing a break when there’s a bang and a clatter and your car pulls to the left.

Tyre blown.

You limp over to the side of the road, hazards on and …then what?

Ladies, men aren’t always going to be there for us and breakdown help usually takes an hour to get there by which time the kids are desperately late for school and you’re late for work.

Changing a tyre is no biggie, you can do it, minimal fuss, no bother – and here’s how...

Before you start, make sure you are safely off the road, your car is on flat ground and tell your kids ‘mummy’s just going to change the flat tyre, I’ll only be a minute’:

Open the boot, take everything out of it and find your spare tyre, your tyre wrench and your jack:

If you have a hub cap, use the pointy end of the tyre wrench to prise it off.

Loosen the nuts on the tyre using the tyre wrench, if they’re tight…really tight then make sure you are turning to the left, remember ‘lefty loose’, ‘righty tight’. If the buggers still won’t budge make sure the wrench handle is on at a horizontal and stand on it, jump on it and hold on to the car for support:

Once the nuts are loosened you need to jack the car up. Consult the owners manual for the spot where the jack goes, it’s a ribbed notch and the strongest part of the car, lifting the car in the wrong place can crumple it underneath so it’s worth getting this bit right!

Slowly raise your car using the just enough to have the tyre clear the ground by a couple of inches. (Your car does not have to be high at all).
Remove all the nuts and put them in a safe place like the front seat.
Pull the tyre towards you horizontally and set to one side.
Put the spare on and all the nuts back on, don’t tighten them yet.



Lower the car slowly using the jack (a lot easier than jacking it up!)

Remove the jack from under the car, then tighten those nuts.

Sling the flat tyre in the back and you’re good to go.

Now you need to go straight to the garage, remember you can’t go over 40mpg on a spare tyre and don’t go long distances.

Now you can feel immensely proud of yourself, smile quietly to yourself and feel incredibly independent!






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