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3 or 5 door car?

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September 30, 2017 at 1:41 PM

When it comes to choosing between a three-door car and five-door one, the choice might be a difficult one to make. It can be difficult if you have no idea about what the two odd numbers represent. The five-door car is normally a four-door car with the extra 1 door referring to the hatchback tailgate located at the back of the car. Likewise, the three-door car refers to a regular double-door car with an extra hatchback. What door should you go for? Here are the pros and cons pertaining to each car door category and you can decide on what suits you.

Three-Door Car


  • One primary advantage of a three-door car over a five-door one is the diversity and sporty nature of the car doors. The doors are very classy in design.

  • The two regular doors of the three-door car permit the manufacturer to create a side window shape of the cars. For example, the doors give the car an angular form which appears stylish.

  • In terms of price, the three-door car is normally cheaper if compared to the five-door counterpart.



  • Since the doors are big in design, it can be inconveniencing to open them up in a tight parking lot.

  • Visibility over the shoulder can be hard when in these cars. This means that you cannot see the blind spots easily.

  • The three doors present difficulty for the rear passengers in accessing their seats. They will have to be extra agile to manage.


Five-Door Car



  • The doors allow the passenger to climb into the car back and place luggage easily provided that the rear seats are adjusted.

  • The doors make it easy to fit a baby’s seat at the back. The three-door car normally presents difficulty in lifting the baby’s seat in and out of the car but it’s easy to do it with a five-door car.



  • When climbing the car, the front doors are normally shorter. In this case, you are left with very little space to fit into the driver’s seat.
  • The five-door car is normally costlier than the three-door one.


Having looked at the pros and cons of the two car-door categories, you can understand why the five-door cars are common. Because of their flexibility, they are the most used. On the other hand, the three-door cars are seen as classy and stylish. Generally, both car-door categories from the same manufacturer have the same dimensions such as wheelbase and engine performance.            


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